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New to Yoga?


I’m new to Yoga. Where do I start?


If you are reading this…congratulations…you have taken the first step towards a journey just as unique as you are. 

At Rise Power Yoga, we believe that experience is confidence and confidence is power. And what better way to receive this experience other than committing to practice. At Rise, we believe that it's not about the depth of the poses and amount of years you've done yoga, at the end of the day, Yoga is the opportunity to ALWAYS show up with a BEGINNER'S MIND and OPEN HEART. We are happy to offer classes that are beginners friendly. Most of our classes are ALL LEVELS and traditional which create a supportive space to learn, explore and experience. Adjustments and modifications are favorably part of our teachings. Our Introductory Offer for an Unlimited 30 Day pass will give the satisfaction of exploring which class will suit each beginner well. We also offer Beginners's Workshops and Private Classes to support our group settings. Always remember, we all rise & arrive at different pace…compassion for yourself and your practice is a key ingredient.

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How often should I practice?

Initially, there is a great benefit to completing 10-15 classes during the first 30 days.  This will give you a solid physical and intellectual base to help you rise to your growth. After that, expect a regular practice 2-3 classes per week to result in the changes you desire over time. 

For life changing result, practice 4-6 times per week. 


What do I wear?

Be comfortable. Lightweight and fitting is better than heavy and loose. For the heated classes, synthetic is preferable as cotton will soak up sweat and become heavy. Studio has two changing rooms…dry change of clothes after practice is not a bad idea.


What do I bring?

You, your smile, your mat, a towel and water bottle. The studio has limited amount of loaner mats and water coolers in case you forget.


Can I eat before class? 

Eating something light an hour before class is okay. But do hydrate with water or beverages with electrolytes ( Coconut water is what we recommend) for heated power classes. 12-ounces in the hours before classes is highly recommended and 12-16 ounces more during and after a class. Water alone will not replenish lost electrolytes.


Should I replace electrolytes?

YES! You will loose valuable minerals as you sweat especially in 90-95 degrees heated class.  Drinking water does not replace them and can actually dilute the remaining electrolytes in your body. One electrolyte replacer per class is recommended unless you have a medical condition that prohibits you from taking them. We also recommend coconut water, Gatorade and water with electrolytes replacement.

How hot will the class be? 

Beginners classes will be at room temperature. Hot classes will be 85-90 degrees at all times. However, the amount of rising yogis in the room can raise the temperature as well.


What are the benefits of a heated class?

Try bending a glass when it’s not heated…it will shatter. Add heat and you can mold it into any desired shape. Heat makes the body 

pliable. In heated yoga class, you can experience a deeper level of stretching with less risk of injury. Heat purifies the body of toxins and help shed unwanted pounds…yes!!! 


What can I expect physically?

Rise Power Yoga classes are designed to build strength, focus and endurance. The classes flow to a dynamic rhythm yet, rigorous and challenging enough to a degree that can be accessed by one’s individual capability and willingness. Be open to the possibilities, love the challenge and you will rise above any expectation.


What makes Rise Power Yoga classes different from what other studios offer?

Great question! 


Rise Power Yoga invested time in searching for the right instructors who will embody “individuality.”  It is our goal for our instructors to be a shining light for each student to whom students will trust and love. Our instructors have been carefully selected for that reason.  We believe that connection is the key to progression and knowledge is the power.  Therefore, it’s an utmost importance that each instructor brings a masterful of experience of more than 3 years in their practice and teaching, invested a great amount of their training under the guidance of highly qualified and known Master Teachers. Our instructors stay current in their teaching and personal practice by continuously educating and training at advance teacher workshops, they are an epitome of grace and love, and they are an embodiment of positive energy, non-judgemental & upbeat personality. 


Rise Power Yoga’s most valuable assets are our instructors.  Each class will be different base on the instructor’s authentic teaching, yet similar in purpose, to help each student rise above the challenge and LOVE it. You will experience a variety of fun and empowering classes with Rock Star Instructors! It’s our goal to align and connect every student with what& who works BEST for them.